Shitty people

The world is populated by shitty people. You meet them everywhere from going to the shop to going to work. 1000’s of shitty nasty people willing to climb over their dead mothers body for a few pounds.


When I meet one of these shitty people . I don’t avoid them I don’t even be shitty back. I become overly nice. I open doors for them , I ask them how they are and tell them they are great. Almost to a sycophantic level.


And do you know why? It is because I get perverse pleasure out of it. I love to see them uncomfortable , when you see in their eyes “I hate this cunt, why don’t he get it , why is he being nice?”. But I get a joy from it. Guess getting this joy makes me a shitty person too.


I am pro choice , I agree with the right to die . If you want to commit suicide then that is up to you , just don’t interrupt my day for it. Having said this I am also anti death penalty. The state should have no control over your life or death.


But I am not an animal lover and take the view that animals inside a house should only exist in the following states:


In a fridge

In a freezer

In an oven

on a plate


Some people love animals, I don’t. I am not advocating badger baiting or animal cruelty either and agree that living things should be treated with respect even if its breed for food. Actually especially if breed for food. By giving us life it is giving its life show some respect. But I am not one for wildlife shows or David Attenbrough .


So there is my stance and if you are offended by it then you should read my post on censorship. But today I didn’t have a moment of change and that is not why I am writing this. To tell you that the blue planet is now my bible would be a lie.


But today I went with my mum to the vets , my mum wasn’t ill and didn’t need treatment but her beloved pet cat was. Riddled with cancer and diabetes it was laying in the hutch that she would spend the last 30 seconds on earth. Never again would it’s blue eyes stare out the window looking at a pidgin or be high on cat nip. I had never really taken to the cat I was somewhat indifferent and as my mum spoke to the vet and signed the cats death warrant a formality of bureaucracy. A dog in kennel opposite howled almost as he knew the grim reaper was in the air.


Then that was it the vet took a needle filled with liquid death and plunged the plunger. And in the last 30 seconds of life that cat knew its blue eyes starred directly in to mine and she saw death. That dog knew too.


Life taken like that gone, over , nevermore. It was surreal I’ve seen road kill before, but never something die before my eyes either human or animal. That was it gone all the; time , money and love my mum had invested in this animal was now lifeless and limp.


And that was it my mum said thanks to the vet and we stepped out in to the cold and wet London street with life pulsing around us. Mum visibly shaken by the ordeal. I texted my brother with just the word “Done” he replied “You would make good bereavement counsellor”. To which I I replied “Maybe I would”.


Now if we can do that to the animal surely we can allow the human animal the same right to die if it chooses so.




Censorship offends me. It is ironic the very thing that is designed not to offend me offends me. The removal of the very thing that makes us human, ideas and putting them in to motion being removed is a construct that doesn’t sit well.

Here in the UK we had a shift in the 80s a moral crusade against horror films. In fact many films were banned some still are. Wes Craven’s master piece Last house on the left was banned in the UK in its uncut form until 2008. The UK…the country that had the last great empire the country that had entered two wars in the middle east in the same decade had a film banned. Morality preached by censors but you could see soldiers on all sides of conflict missing limbs and being blow up.

Over 40 films banned in the UK due to a government’s mistrust of its people. Thinking they will go and rein-act the scenes they see on the screen. And if they did why ban the film? People who cause death by dangerous driving we don’t ban cars there is no public out cry against car makers. No we take the person who has killed and put them in prison.

No wars have ever been fought over a movie. But we take the bible and 100s of wars, crimes and acts of violence have. Have we banned the bible? No. 1000s of people die due to what is contained in the pages every year they die. Unspeakable acts of evil are carried out because of it every day. Yet still it is available in schools, hospitals , hotels and libraries for free. If we take the moral high ground over one we must take it over the other.

There is a view that shielding the public from violent games and films is for their protection. But books aren’t held up to such scrutiny. And do you know why? Because of this lofty ideal and damn right insulating view : that people who read are intelligent enough to separate fact from fiction. Yet again most people who are serial killer we read about or see in the press are highly intelligent avid readers. After all Mark Chapman had a copy of catcher in the rye in his pocket when he Shot Lennon. Certain things are banned for good reason, but things where no one gets hurt and it is all above board? Is that just?

Censorship now days, removes knowledge. You remove knowledge you remove reason, and questioning. Remove them we end up as mindless drones falling in line and watching what ever sanitised nonsense they put on tv.

Taking offence is a hobby now days taken up by pseudo left wingers and right wingers. We could run it as democracy if you are offended by something I like then we can ban that but so longs there is something you like I find offensive I can have that banned too . I’ve got the right to call you a cunt and you got the right to call me a cunt . Sure you can not like it and same goes for me but if you want to take that right away in the 21st century after all the progress we have made for good in the most. If you want to remove my right to say it then quite frankly you are a cunt.

Read these books

It’s strange how in the 21st century after countless years of civilization that people still can not read. I am not talking about countries where they are savages like France for example but developed western cultures the UK , USA , Spain and other parts where one would assume people would be able to read.

I find it a tragic loss to humanity that great books that could sculpt people and help them build better societies or to question and reason. Don’t get read because people lack the skills for this to happen.

So here are 3 books that I have found that influenced me :

Catch : 22

The lunacy of war all contained in the pages. If every politician and kid in school was made to read this and understand it then there would be no war. Anti war protesters shouldn’t be marching on government buildings to protest but they should leave copies of this out side recruiting offices up and down the country and around the world.


Orwell’s vision of security cameras everywhere and a totalitarian government over seeing it all. Well George wasn’t wrong when he wrote this was he? Orwell teaches us that freedom and free speech aren’t a god given right but it is something we must fight for and make governments fear the people and not the other way around.

The Elephant and the twig

A strange book for people who don’t do self help books. Written by martial arts veteran Geoff Thompson the book is full of sound advice about ceasing the day , not allowing fear to grip you and giving you the hard reality that some day you will die so make the most of it.

If you haven’t read any of these books I suggest you do. They will open your mind to questioning and reasoning and allow you start looking at the world in a different light.

Collective multi-verse reincarnation theory

It’s funny how as an atheist I spend a lot of time discussing god and religion. More so then most people who claim to be of a faith, well I suppose they don’t question it. I was discussing with my rather learned brother about reincarnation and the multi-verse. When I stumbled upon my reincarnation multi verse theory of such. Borrowing a little bit from Jung.


My theory is and it is just a theory, the same way the X factor is a good show type of theory but this is the crux of it. When we die we get reincarnated in to someone we have met in our lives. So you are born, you live and you die all experiencing Dave Smith once as Dave Smith then everyone else who comes in to contact with Dave Smith.


Now this leads to my second part of the theory that there is only a handful of souls because there are people who I will never meet and people you will never meet. Disregarding the theory on six degrees of separation. But once everyone as been met that’s the end. So once I have lived all my lives as Dave Smith I then move on to another existence such as the meerkat from them adverts.


I think it’s the Buddhist that believe that once you are the best you can be in one incarnation you move on to the next a higher form. So imagine you are the type that would end up on Trisha or Jez Kyle the next step in evolutionary incarnation would be some more learned and more pleasant. Be it a teacher, priest or the postman so longs it is some one you have met.


Each part of the experience adds to the meta experience of being you and once you have tried all these lives then only then can you be enlightened. Unlike Buddhism where you might be an ant then an eagle and then a bus driver. My theory brings the idea you can be the everyone, rich or poor. Even running the country so longs you are the best hoddie you can be at the start.

George Carlin said

“The poor are there to scare the shit out of the middle class” Thinking about it , that’s what I feel bus routes do. Let the middle class venture through the poor areas to get to their homes and multi national , multi billion pound soulless institutions they work for.

Route 21 is the one of them beacons of London ; the big red bus and it’s route takes you from the well off , through the mega rich and to the poverty that is Lewisham. All the people in their nicely cleaned suits, dry cleaned shirts and hand-made shoes start at Newington green move along the road picking-up people who are a pound short to live in the bohemian parts of Islington. Past new developments and apartments thundering its way to the city.

It crosses the London bridge flanked on the pavement with more suits and women with their breast pushed up under their necks and pencil skirts , high heels and hand bags they don’t need but it was on sale in Harrods and celebrity X had it in magazine Y. And all the people in the suits , ties and shoes disembark form the bus. Never finding out what lays past the bridge. And the people with the word service stitched on their shirts or here to help across the back get on. And a suit of a different kind occupy the seats taken from them off the peg numbers. Almost the shoes and ties are to scared to venture in to them dark waters.

And then the dark side of London appears soulless grey blocks of flats. The big shops have not broken the market and the graffiti simply says fuck. The breast aren’t under the women’s necks any more and they all look like they would turn a trick and you would get change out of a £5 note. And bits of police tape still wrapped around lampposts and all the people are moving away from the area never going towards it.

I am sure most people going to London bridge never sees this London but its there after all. They may not see it but they know it’s there. After all “The poor are there to scare the shit out of the middle class”.