Sundays always has had a weird filling to me. It’s not a real day to me it acts as a buffer from the real world which is Monday morning to Friday evening. It stands between me and the getting up at 6am and sitting on a bus for hours on end to get to a place I don’t really want to be at surrounded by people I wouldn’t normally mix with.

This mythical place is called work a strange combination of people , the drive for money and idea we need to forward ourselves for the betterment for the company. The faceless share holders and directors whose names strike fear to the man or woman on ground. We have to do this Burt needs it and Burt is the senior assistant to the vice president of section X. And they all wear their corporate uniform you get branded in their logo and tell you how proud you should be to wear it and how you represent the company and this is a good thing. While Burt and his friends wear  various suits and ties off the peg from Next. If it installs such a great company pride . Then why are you not branded to the hilt Burt? Why do we have to roll over for some chicken feed? suppress our personalities and project a company you. Keep not having a personality and wear the logos and one day you might become Burt.

And why do we do it? Some people say it’s to become a “productive member of society” other will argue having a job will give you “Pride” but the ones who tell you this aren’t cleaners on £6.50 an hour getting looked down upon by the very people who say this gives you pride. You do it to pay the bills you do it to have a “life” and when they don’t think you are needed anymore they take that away from you. A lot of companies now days say you can’t say XYZ and  on social media about them if you do Burt and co and their army of off the peg grey suited lawyers will come and get you. All ways project the company you. For when it boils down to it they own you. They the faceless ones control your life they decide if you got a job to go to or not they can take away your in come  source as easy as that.

But there is no other way we made it that way. We got to live with it this way. Hoards of middle management in pink shirts because they learnt on a course it projects confidence but at the same time it gives them an aurora of warmth. While we carry on the cycle for the next 50 years churning out more and more people to join the ranks of the logoed up under the thumb grey suited Burts of this world. And we all do it again next week, next month next year. So we can afford the bus fare, train fare or petrol money to get back to work.

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