I am pro choice , I agree with the right to die . If you want to commit suicide then that is up to you , just don’t interrupt my day for it. Having said this I am also anti death penalty. The state should have no control over your life or death.


But I am not an animal lover and take the view that animals inside a house should only exist in the following states:


In a fridge

In a freezer

In an oven

on a plate


Some people love animals, I don’t. I am not advocating badger baiting or animal cruelty either and agree that living things should be treated with respect even if its breed for food. Actually especially if breed for food. By giving us life it is giving its life show some respect. But I am not one for wildlife shows or David Attenbrough .


So there is my stance and if you are offended by it then you should read my post on censorship. But today I didn’t have a moment of change and that is not why I am writing this. To tell you that the blue planet is now my bible would be a lie.


But today I went with my mum to the vets , my mum wasn’t ill and didn’t need treatment but her beloved pet cat was. Riddled with cancer and diabetes it was laying in the hutch that she would spend the last 30 seconds on earth. Never again would it’s blue eyes stare out the window looking at a pidgin or be high on cat nip. I had never really taken to the cat I was somewhat indifferent and as my mum spoke to the vet and signed the cats death warrant a formality of bureaucracy. A dog in kennel opposite howled almost as he knew the grim reaper was in the air.


Then that was it the vet took a needle filled with liquid death and plunged the plunger. And in the last 30 seconds of life that cat knew its blue eyes starred directly in to mine and she saw death. That dog knew too.


Life taken like that gone, over , nevermore. It was surreal I’ve seen road kill before, but never something die before my eyes either human or animal. That was it gone all the; time , money and love my mum had invested in this animal was now lifeless and limp.


And that was it my mum said thanks to the vet and we stepped out in to the cold and wet London street with life pulsing around us. Mum visibly shaken by the ordeal. I texted my brother with just the word “Done” he replied “You would make good bereavement counsellor”. To which I I replied “Maybe I would”.


Now if we can do that to the animal surely we can allow the human animal the same right to die if it chooses so.


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