Flow mofo

“You need to find yourself young Mark”

A friend of mine said that to me the other day. I know where I am , but I am not sure where I am if that makes sense. Thinking about it and talking to another friend who has a certain neuroses  in social situations, I then figured it out.

You need to find an outlet. If you imagine your mind as a water tank ; if you don’t turn the tap on and let the water come out, the water inside that tank become stagnant and starts to grow parasites. You need to flow and create something.

If you stagnate that’s when life gets to you and you worry about everything. Stop thinking about going forward and go forward. You can sit in a car all day and think it to move but it wont unless you put it gear and that is the same with life.

Go forward find your self and don’t stagnate. How long have you got on this earth really? If you think about how far you need to go forward with out moving you are going no where. Think of every year a mile to travel if you start travelling at 30 and you are 35 now you only have travelled 5 miles. But if you started at 20 and you are now 35 you have gone 15 miles.

Move your self. Don’t get bogged down and move forward. After all the number 1 rule of life is : one day you are going to die and that’s when you stop moving permanently

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