3 ball Zen

I like to juggle. I am not good at juggling and I can only juggle 3 balls , in a very basic pattern. But I like to juggle none the less. Juggling is a useless skill, for the most part, the idea of keeping 3 objects in the air doesn’t seem a useful skill at all.

Throwing 3 balls about may seem to others and maybe even you, a waste of time. I would agree it doesn’t achieve much. But it leads to a moment of connection. When you are throwing 3 balls up in to the air and catching each one there is a physical connection as well as mental connection.

There is a moment, a rhythm , a fading out of my surroundings and a thud of each ball as I catch it. This leads for me a me a Zen like moment. I am connected to everything and nothing at the same time. It is a strange concept to put in to words but that’s as best as I can describe it.

For this Zen moment I like to take at least 5 minutes of my day to connect. I get a sense of achievement and a mood bust all in one. Of course when I drop the balls I lose this connection, but I have got in to the moment enough to be “one” with what I am doing.

Now I am not going to tell you, juggle life will be great. It wont we both know that. But what I am saying is find you juggling. Be it , a performance art, martial arts, writing or anything else. Find that one thing, or two or even 3 that you can find your Zen moment in. Play with it and enjoy it. Then add a more difficult element to it and then you will find your moment again.

Do something you enjoy each day no matter how long your day as been. You are never too busy to improve yourself. Find that connection and take that buzz and use it for something you can channel it for.

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