Do you remember when you was in school? You was going to be something , wasn’t you? Did you make it? Are you doing something you hate, living a life you don’t want to?


The answer to the above is probably yes. But why ? Why didn’t we achieve them goals? I think for the most part it’s easy. We started with large goals and then made them smaller or moved them altogether.


The problem with most of us is we are lazy we have a put up with attitude. That’s why we get trapped in lives we don’t deserve. We might be heading for a goal and then something comes up , that is not exactly what we want but , we will take it as a stop gap. And then all your goals have moved and what you want has changed completely. We get hooked on the short-term and end up getting locked in on the long term.


Once we are locked in , it becomes a metaphoric prison. It’s hard to get out of after that. A this will do attitude, is what holds you back. Go for exactly what you want instead. Don’t make do, get where you want to be or need to be. It’s your life why put your self in prison?


Some people will tell you we need people to do manual labour , empty our bins and clean-up after us. Quite frankly these people who say such things are snobby middle-class cunts. If that is what people are happy with, then let them do it. What we need to do is remove the stigma or certain jobs and celebrate a work ethic.


If that’s your goal to be a cleaner then go for it. If your goal is to be a doctor then go for that. Go for your goals don’t let the smaller stop-gaps move you off what you want. Get where you need to be. You only live once don’t let your self spend it being depressed and never achieving what you want.

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