Training again

Thursday I am going do something I haven’t done in almost a year. I am about to step on to training mats at a MMA gym and take my first lesson in 10 months in Brazilian Ju-jitsu. I stopped due to having asthma but now I am feeling better and not getting young I am going slip on my trusty old blue gi and see where I get.


Hopefully I wont find it too hard after my hiatus and I was thinking if I didn’t take this break how good would I be by now? I can wallow in self pity like that or get of my arse and do something. I have chosen the latter.


But what was your passion that you have given up on? Why did you give it up? And even though your circumstances have changed why have you not got back in to it?


Nine times out of ten it is ; laziness. I am guilty of it too, if it wasn’t for the constant badgering from one of my friends/training partners I would be not getting on the mats either.


Find your passion again and find something that motivates you back in to it. Tv, radio, youtube , friends , family or even me and this blog. But your self in gear and step up. You aren’t getting any younger and the depression is getting worse isn’t it?


If you have lost your passion find it. If you can’t be bothered get motivated. We can take this approach in aspect of life. We can even use our passions to fuel us to get out of the crappy job cycle. If you stall get going again. Fish die if they stop moving and so do we.

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