The death sentance

In one of my other posts , I explained that I am :



Pro-right to die

Anti death penalty


Although the other two may seem diametrically opposed to the last. It is not. The first to allows the individual to make a choice. The last one allows the state to decide over life. I was having a debate on Facebook about death the sentence, and all the arguments where there ; save it for child molesters , murderers and rapist. My counter to this was : What if we get the wrong person? The counter to my question was.. “We would have to be 100% certain”. But in the UK we had many miscaragies of justice , wrongful convictions , evidence being tampered with and people just lying on the witness stand.



There is a type who call for the death penalty in the UK ; tabloid reading , working class , Jeremy Kyle watching white van drivers. Who save up coupons from the aforementioned tabloid newspapers and go on £9.50 holidays to be surrounded by more of their ilk. Who all seem to be the Klan lite nowadays. I’ve read tabloids , am working class and have watched Jeremy Kyle too. Maybe I am a class traitor.


But I digress as soon as the government starts killing its population for : X,Y,Z crime , Where do we stop? Do they add crime W to the list? Then do we allow people who commit rape, murder and child abuse who are mentally ill to get away with it? Or do with execute them too? Do we create a two tier justice system? Even more so than the one we have now?


The problem is that if we execute one person who is not guilty of the crime. Just one , it is void as a deterrent. Once it’s void what’s the point in having it? In that United States , states that have the death sentence there is still : murders , rapes and child molesters , so how is this a deterrent? Penn Jillet said of America “The day will execute the wrong person, then we as a country are all guilty of murder” and Mr Jillet makes a good point. For if the whole country are guilty of murder, do we execute every one in the country ?


I will leave you a link to a video. Ian Hisslop discussing the issue with a Conservative MP.


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