They are fighting for your freedom


“They’re fighting for your freedom.” That is what one gets told when he says ; “I am not really a fan of the wars in the Middle East.” People attempt to brow beat you, call you unpatriotic and tell you “If you don’t like why don’t you fuck off over there then?”


In the UK on the Armistice it’s traditional to remember the fallen in wars past and present. How we do that in the UK is to wear a paper and plastic facsimile of a poppy. It is a great taboo not to. We get told : You must wear one. You have to remember the dead of all wars. If it wasn’t for the sacrifice made, you would be speaking German by now. And a few other clichés thrown in for good measure.


The irony of it is ; we go to war for freedom and peace, to bring democracy to countries who don’t have it , if they want or not. But what freedom? War now is a profit making exercise. From the arms companies lobbying government , newspapers telling the exploits of war and all the wonderful corporations in the country who have juicy M.O.D contracts. If we really want to show our support for “our brave boys” shouldn’t buy shares in the companies? And instead of a poppy wear our dividend on our coats?


The First and Second world war were a mixed bag of conscripts and people who volunteered. Now days the wars we fight are made-up by people who sign-up for it. But we must support them after all “They’re fighting for your freedom”


They are not fighting for your freedom. They are fighting for profits and millionaires. They might have joined the military for noble reasons. But the government(s) who send them to war, they are not fighting a noble cause. Sent to war by government(s) who have spent more time eroding your freedom than ; Iraq of Afghanistan ever have.


No one is fighting for your freedom. Don’t allow the tabloid press and the chest beaters argue any different. I leave you with this : In the middle east when they had an uprising it was dubbed “The Arab spring” when we had mass riots in the UK it was called “Mindless thugs causing trouble” If they was fighting for freedom why do people get arrested over silly tweets and facebook status updates?

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