Ban this sick filth

During the 80’s the establishment didn’t like horror films. They even had a list of ones you couldn’t watch. During the 90’s it was Rap and Rock music with them swear words in. You know the ones , if you use them the moral fabric of the world will rip apart. In the early 2000’s they was after the computer games. Didn’t like the computer games no sir.


The idea was , the public at large were unhinged and would go on mass killing sprees due to being brainwashed by the media. The government took the population for idiots and they was wrong, go us. Actually studies show if someone is unhinged enough to go on a rampage they will do it any way :


So as we move along the 2000’s the government have decided to : use an opt in for porn on the internet. That’s right you have to ring someone up if you want to watch porn. Now before you all get on your high horses and tell me how bad porn is, if you read this blog you know :


  1. Freedom of speech and expression is something I hold dear.
  2. Censorship is wrong for the mainstream, there is stuff that should obviously be banned.



Porn is not the point by the way. It is the censorship that is the problem. How long before certain books are banned? Orwell’s prophecy that was 1984. Or V for vendetta? You may like or dislike porn, but people have to be free to watch what they want. How long be for Eastenders becomes a big government propaganda piece? Or banned.


Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is what we need. Before we become North Korea.


Explore your own ideas on censorship. How long before movies, games and music are again are cut to ribbons, by the moral police?


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