Finding yourself….

Speaking to a friend of mine, she stated that she “Needed To find out what she is”

“Simple” was my reply “You are a woman”
“No, who am I?” Came her return serve.

“You’re you, now stop moaning and get on with it” I said.


This got me thinking, why do we spend so much time, searching for ourselves? When really we know who we are. We can improve ourselves, change ourselves in a number of ways. But what are we searching for, in ourself?


She then went on to talk about how she use to like a certain type of music and taking photos of cars. Again my answer was, well why don’t you do that now? She said she didn’t know.


If you have “lost your self” through not doing something you enjoy. Then why not just do it again? Or maybe it is because it is all about denial. Humans seem to be self destructive in many ways. Usually by ceasing to do the things we enjoy, listening to outers and thinking what others may think of us.


So if you are lost it seems easy enough to find your self doesn’t it? A lot of people will speak of a spiritual journey and other forms of Western mysticism, but they all ways seem to be on the journey and never arrive. Maybe because they over complicate it. Maybe they are “too intelligent” to find it straight away. And they need to tell you about XYZ, the yoga they took , the books they’ve read and the guru they ultimately allowed to open their mind in India. Nine times out ten that’s achieved by opening their legs.


After all it might sound great to say; I read ten thousands books, met a guru in India, you simply must go, I had a true spiritual awaking. Than saying “I found it, it was under the bed all along”. It might not give you a story, but it will save you a lot of time. So next time some one tells you that they have started a “Journey to find myself”. Ask have you looked under the bed?

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