Super guitar hot rodding project Part Uno

This is my Stock Epiphone Les Paul 100 (LP100)


that although I have played the life out of it since last October when I got it, I have done nothing to it. I haven’t even changed the strings. Or cleaned the dust from it. All I have done is lowered the action and added a Planet waves locking strapImage

 A LP100 starts cost around 200 english pounds. I have no real budget for this either so I will keep going , until it’s finished.


I have decided that I want to do it up. I like the neck and the body, but the pick ups aren’t the best sounding. So this is what I am going to do to it :


Two Seymour Duncan slash signature humbuckers

New machine heads

Removing all the plastic parts and replacing them with a snazzy dress up kit

New three way toggle switch as the epiphone ones don’t last long

New control knobs

New strings

A clean

Lemon oil fret board

Dunlop locking strap buttons.

Lets see how we go adding the new stuff.

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