Wonderment , When was the last time you stopped and looked around you? Not the annoying Drama students on the train or the bohemian reading the Guardian nodding away. Or the lanky skinny post grads in business, going out singing the company praises.



Look at the components of the train the screws, windows , seats , the floor. Where did all that come from? Where will it go? We just expect things to be there. Take it for granted that day after day and year after year it will be there. But why do we expect such things? The train carriage is a mundane article. But all the toil that has gone in to it. Plans , drawings , people , time. Move away from a train carriage and look at the other stuff around you.


After all your life may depend on this screw, grommet or what ever. Doesn’t that put things in to perspective?


We need to look around us, find out stuff and unravel mysteries of life. Don’t know what something does? Find out. Then let that feed your wonderment for other things.


Learn , question and learn some more. What’s stopping you? Go find out how stuff works and why it works.


Or sit at home and watch the drivel they fill the airwaves up with and just be spoon fed bollocks. Until you die.



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