You are not special

You’re not special , you may think you are but you are not. You may have a fancy car, nice house and a trophy wife. You may even have two wonderful kids and a pedigree dog. A lofty job title and money in the bank. On the other hand you might have fuck all, not a thing in your life there maybe any absence of money , friends or dogs. But either way you are not special.


Either end of the spectrum you are not special. You are normal. Because you either want to obtain all them riches or keep hold of them of them if you have them. So if everyone is after that, it becomes normal and therefore being normal is not being special.


You have been told you are special , unique or one in a million. But millions of you are told that every day of your life. Why are you special? What have you done that is special that no one else has done? You might have been the first to eat 25 doughnuts in 10 seconds but does that make you special?


Do you feel special? Do you feel that ; you can do it, no matter what? Or do you feel it’s all mundane and no matter how many times this gets reinforced . You are still depressed? Why should you be depressed? You got it all. The wife, the kids, car, house. Are you happy? Or do you just own things? You have all this, you have been told you are special but in fact you are normal.


How do you feel being normal rather than special? It doesn’t make sense does it? There is nothing wrong with being normal. That’s how we base the world . Even the eccentrics out there are not special they are just after what makes you normal, but using another medium to find it. They want money, they want to be noticed. So we are all normal.


What if I told you, you could be special and it’s easy. Stop wanting to be normal. And instead of that, look for what would make you happy. Don’t use possessions to guide your emotions, but find how to be happy with n your mind. A simple shift.


Most people chase money thinking that will lead to happiness , the thing the don’t realise is that money and happiness are not on the same track.

3 thoughts on “You are not special

  1. “You are unique. Just like everybody else.” demotivational quotes for the win.
    This is a very real post though. It would be cool if more people realized what you’ve obviously put thought into. Here’s a really cool video you might like if you really mean what you say. His name is Joe Rogan and he’s good at keeping it real.
    Don’t worry it’s just youtube.

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